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About ConfirmSend

Our Solution

In January 2018, ConfirmSend was created to solve the problem of accidently sending email to an incorrect recipient. Misdirected emails are a major problem. Research shows 58% of people have sent an email to the wrong person whilst at work, with 20% stating that this action has lost their company business — and 12% stating that it cost them their job. Firms face fines of anything from 2% to 4% of their total yearly earnings from the relevant regulators [1].

[1] [Information Commissioner's Office (ICO), The Federal Trade Commission (FTC), California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)]

Use Case

Confirmsend has been tried and tested. It is widely used by high profile Criminal Law firms, Investment bankers, Accountants and Finance/HR Departments.


ConfirmSend is a Microsoft Outlook add-in solution that aids business compliance with European GDPR and US Privacy laws and regulations. ConfirmSend drastically reduces misdirected emails or appointments. ConfirmSend is an offline piece of software that does not collect or interrogate data. It acts as a safeguard between the user and the final commit to sending an email or appointment via the Microsoft Outlook client.


ConfirmSend is registered with the ICO and GDPR compliant.


If your business sends confidential or sensitive emails, then you need ConfirmSend. Whether it is for your Finance Department, HR or firm wide. ConfirmSend is necessary for any Financial, Legal or Medical institute that utilises Microsoft Outlook.


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