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GDPR Compliance for Microsoft Outlook. 

Compose, ConfirmSend, Delivered


Misdirected email is a major problem. ConfirmSend affirms your GDPR compliance and strengthens your cyber security stance. Sign up today!

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Information Commissioner's Office

How it Works

Meet ConfirmSend, the all-in-one GDPR solution for Microsoft Outlook

A solution that works across all Microsoft Outlook versions

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Confirmation Check before Sending 

Save Time, Money and Protect your data

Smart Budget vs Post Breach cost

ConfirmSend saves your business money. It is an extremely cost effective solution given it drastically reduces the changes of misdirected email. Protecting your business, your reputation and your data. 

Why ConfirmSend?

Put ConfirmSend to work.

Invest in preventative measures.

Easy setup

Set it up once, and you're good to go. No hassle or learning curve.

Once installed, there is no user training required. Have peace of mind that your staff are less likely to send email or data to the wrong recipient.

Smart budgeting

The ICO and FTC impose fines of up to 2%-4% of your total yearly turnover. Lets review the numbers.

$2000 / Unlimited users/pcs over 1 Year = Value

$3800 / Unlimited users/pcs over 2 Years = Value: SAVE 5%

$5400 / Unlimited users/pcs over 3 Years = Value: SAVE 10%

Pre-Security Breach vs Post-Security Breach Budget.

Working in Office

Be Proactive

Taking preventative steps gives businesses a proactive way to reduce their cyber threats instead of responding to them once the damage is done.

Reduce misdirected email by 90%+

Avoid data breach

Protect your reputation


ConfirmSend has it all.

Simple Design & Extremely effective.

ConfirmSend is a Microsoft Outlook add-in solution that aids business compliance with European GDPR and US Privacy laws and regulations. ConfirmSend drastically reduces misdirected emails or appointments. ConfirmSend is an offline piece of software that does not collect or interrogate data. It acts as a safeguard between the user and the final commit to sending an email or appointment via the Microsoft Outlook client.


ConfirmSend offers two solutions. 

1. An application that allows you to ConfirmSend prior to commiting to the sending of an email or appointment. 

2. An second application that forces the user to wait 10 seconds prior to being able to send an email or appointment. 

*It is human nature to seek the quickest path, and we understand that some users may not check the recipient or attachments even when prompted. For those particular staff, it may be useful to enforce a 10 second delay. 


Our Clients

Why companies like ConfirmSend?

"Must have for any company sending confidential emails"

As a criminal law firm, handling confidential client information is of utmost importance. ConfirmSend provides us with peace of mind and ensures our compliance with privacy laws. It's an essential tool for our daily operations and I highly recommend it to any legal or financial institution. It is a must have for any company sending confidential emails.


Stephanie Roe
Director - Solicitor at

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